Help us out by volunteering to be one of our photographers! We're always looking for people all over the US to help us cover shows. Your photos will be posted on the site and credit given to you. Once you get a few shows under your belt, we will provide you with dropndrag.com decals to hand out. The ideal volunteer would have a 3 megapixel digital camera or more (or at least 1024x768 photos) and high speed internet access in order to send us the files--although mailing on a CD is also an option. Fill out the form below and please list all shows you will potentially be going to this year. As the show approches and we do not have someone covering the event, we will email you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tips for covering a show:
- Get there early as there are less people in get in your way of your shot
- 3/4 front and rear views show more details of the vehicle.
- Bending down and taking the picture helps put into perspective a bodydropped truck or lowered car.
- Shoot the vehicle from the side that the sun is shining on. Shadows make for bad photos on vehicles.
- Look inside the car/truck for interesting stereo/interior/engine/suspension details.
Volunteer Form
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